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written on the fire

my life on a grain of rice

Catherine Winner
20 December 1988
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I'm a 24yrd recently married Michigander!
I'm a part time Masters of Social Work student at MSU and full time fangirl!

Top 5 OTPs: Uncas/Alice, Peter/Susan, Bane/Talia, Sansa/Sandor and Cato/Clove

check out my fanfiction Lj account:catherinewinner

300, abed/troy, alice, alice/hatter, amanda tapping, andrew lee potts, andy whitfield, anime, arrested development, arthur/eames, arthur/merlin, beautiful kate, bobby flay, bradley/colin, british tv, cecelia holland, christian kane, christopher eccleston, chronicles of narnia, clato, community, criminal minds, deadliest catch, desmond harrington, discovery channel, doctor who, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr.who, dragon prince, dune, eleven/amy, elizabeth lowell, eoin macken, equilibrim, escaflone, fanboys, firefly, food network, four brothers, futurama, game of thrones, general hospital, gundam wing, harry/hermione, heero and relena, inception, inspector lynley, jack o'neill, jack/bobby, jared leto, jax/tara, kyle reese, la femme nikita, last of the mohicans, leia organa skywalker solo, leia/han, leto and ghanima, leverage, lie to me, lucrezia/cesare, lunar, macgyver, marc forgione, melanie rawn, merlin, michael biehn, michael scofield, michael/sara, middleman, morgan/reid, mulder/scully, narina, newfoundland, nigella lawson, nine/rose, numb3rs, peter/susan, prison break, psych, pushing daisies, queer as folk, rachel weisz, richard dean anderson, rick springfield, riker/troi, robin and patrick, rose/doctor, sailor moon, sam and jack, sandor clegane, sansa stark, sansan, sara tancredi, seven days, sharon shinn, sons of anarchy, spartacus/sura, spartacus: blood and sand, standoff, star trek, star wars, stargate sg1, supernatural, taken, terry goodkind, the borgias, the next generation, the office, the pretender, the x-files, threshold, v, will/anna, x-files